Patchouli Relaxing Body Lotion

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Relax and nourish your skin with this Patchouli Relaxing Body Lotion. The exotic and bright scent of patchouli has been used for centuries and it has many useful properties. It is known to enhance the mood and help depression. It is an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce fever and internal inflammation that causes conditions like gout. It stimulates circulation of the blood. It is anti-bacterial and helps heal wounds. It has astringent properties that tightens skin and combats aging. It is an aphrodisiac that stimulates hormones and boosts libido. It is also useful as anti-fungal and insect repellant. This patchouli relaxing body lotion has all the benefits of patchouli in a body lotion that will leave your skin velvety smooth, supple and glowing with health. M-P542