Brown Leather Cowrie Shell Necklace Set

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The cowrie shell is an important symbol that is steeped in a rich, ancient tradition in Africa. It symbolizes both spiritual connection to the ocean and goddess and material, earthly wealth. This Brown Leather Cowrie Shell Necklace Set contains the power of cowrie shells in a bold necklace and bracelet set. The necklace is made of braided brown cord. It has a pendent hanging from it that is made from two triangles (for a pine-tree shape) that has polished white cowrie shells attached to it. The bracelet is made from braided brown cord and a brown leather band with a polished white cowrie shell attached. The necklace is adjustable up to a 20Ó neck and the pendant measures 5Ó in length. The bracelet is adjustable to a 10Ó wrist.